A journey with barefooters



Barefooting: a lifestyle or new trend?



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I had gone barefoot the five first years of my childhood. Running in the wood without shoes, going fishing and playing hike and seek with my cousins. Nobody was scared with our lifestyle until we move to town then things changed quickly as we would be stared at like weird and bizarre

Going barefoot was not fashionable in town, While you see others with their Nike, Blanik and Karl Lagerfeld, Would you stick to your “hippie « philosophy » of barefooter?

We had been educated to put shoes on. Every day, every week every month and every year durind our life time;

I could not stand it but I do as others do. Last year, I came across an article in a news paper about celebrities doing shopping barefoot.

My reaction to that was a post on my former blog where I was expressing  my indignation to people taking barefooting as a fashion,

I was upset at first as it seemed to me that there are too many fashions coming out from time to time for people not even knowing  the reason for doing what they are doing

Then I had a comment on my post from Martial, a man who started a a barefoot hikers’ group in France. We kept in touch and he invited me to come to one of their meeting in Auray. 

I met nice people, very friendly people happy to go barefoot and we had a long long walk around the town

I was very happy as I could do what I used to do in my youth. I felt free to be what I really was: a free person not obliged to keep her feet suffering ind very tiny shoes..

Now I’m trying to take off my shoes but it’s not easy at all. I must admit I can’t go to work barefoot . At go barefoot at home and when at the office. Never go barefoot through Paris.I am a part time barefooter.

Does anybody go barefoot all have ever heard about barefooting?

I would appreciate to know how you become a barfooter and your impressions as a barefooter, part time or full time?



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I got inspired by Gloria Gaynor's song for my blog title. This song is really me. I am a mother of three, very passionate by fashion, litterature, cooking, art, and many other interesting subjects. My blog will be mainly written in french as i am not an english speaking. Only some of my post will be in english. My mission is to inform you, to share and learn from you. Je suis ce que je suis is a blog based on experience sharing, fashion, food, litterature, ,art....everything passionate hobbie of willykean. I started my blog in mars 2006, firstly powered by Marie claire. One year later, i move to Wordpress. Humour is another part of my blog; As the elders said in my culture, "a man who laugh forget about his empty stomach." Pour ceux qui me lisent déjà depuis mars 2007, Je suis ce que je suis. passionnée de mode, de littérature, cuisine, d'art, de musique.... Une boulimique de tout. Une envie de partager ma double culture ou même ma culture du monde. J'aime dire que je suis une citoyenne du monde, ouverte à tout. J'adore ébaucher des nouvelles, ou des romans, j'aime lire, cuisiner, Je suis une collectionneuse (bijoux, foulards, vêtements, poupées, pierres), magazines, chapeaux..... Une autre de mes passions qui prend énormément de place dans ma vie c'est la mode. Je suis autodicdate. J'ai crée pendant 6 ans mes propres vêtements, activité mise entre parenthèse pour le moment. Je suis la maman de trois adolescents de 12 ans qui sont devenus prioritaires dans ma vie de créatrice, puis de bloggeuse. Traiter même des sujets douleureux avec humour pour vous faire sourire... là est ma mission Cela ne m'empêchera pas de pousser un "coup de gueule" s'il le faut. Bon séjour chez moi.

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