On the road again: barefoot hiking to the mont saint Michel

I wanted to share this wonderful testimony with my english speaking readers.

First of all i want to thank you Cees for this nice and complete comment on this hiking. I a using it as a post and i hope you don’t mind.

For those who haven’t read my late post on this hiking to the Mont Saint Michel, here is a a bit of what it feels like to go there…Yesterday I came home from a wonderful week in Genets,Normandy. I organise my photo`s now and feel sad I had to leave this beautiful place. This landscape,this beautiness,you feel the power of nature in this bay. Walking barefoot to Mont St.Michel is the best way to be one with this landscape. Feeling the sand and mud under your bare soles..looking around you and wondering how beautiful nature can be..I really believe this is the nearest place to heaven on earth.
When you`re walking to Mont.St.Michel,you leave all your troubles behind. Walking barefoot in the bay is the best remedy for stress. Just follow the guide and enjoy…
Every day in the bay is different. On Thursday I joined an other tour,with an English speaking guide. We went to the other side of Tombelaine and learn the history of that island.
Mont St.Michel is a very popular place to visit on holiday in France. You can go there,as usual visiting from the road,but for the real adventure you must start in Genets,take off your shoes,go barefoot and enjoy the beautiness in the bay.

Un superbe témoignage de mon compagnon de route Cees, venu de hollande pour la randonnée. Comme je vous le disais dans mes précédents posts, il l’a fait tous les jours.

C’était un vrai pélérinage pour lui; ces écrits le prouvent.

Pour ceux qui ne les ont pas encore visionnés, retour en arrière et cliquer sur les liens dailymontion.

2 commentaires

  1. Cees dit :

    Here you can see some pictures from this beautiful barefoot hiking.http://www.flickr.com/photos/29642862@N04/

  2. willykean dit :

    Hi again Cees!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m going to visit your flickr page right away.

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