Things you can do barefoot/ Tout ce que vous pouvez faire pieds nus

La plupart de ceux qui vivent pieds nus pensent sans doute que la randonnée  est la seule activité offerte pour vivre pleinement son choix.

Vous n’avez pas idée de toutes ces possibilités qui s’offrent à vous!

Some of us may think that hiking is the only activity when  going barefoot.

Would have you thought about the wide range of other interesting activities to experiment?

Climbing, relaxation, drawing, relaxing

Stay at a luxury hotel in the bahamas 

Go to the festival of Munich

Join the barefoot hikers’ group

Still another hikers’s group

Condition your mind

Visit this blog

and this

Join the french barefooters’ forum

Another french blog

Become member of the american barefoot club

Here are more activities you can do barefoot. I set them apart as there were no link related to them. But any way they are worth listing so thanks to my blogger friend Sandra ; we could share that to.

Cooking barefoot

Gardening, chating, and even making love (i would think it weird though if i should make love with my sockets on)

Cruching grapes (another idea from Cees)

In the year 2001 I was on holiday in Portugal. I was in the Douro,North Portugal,in September at grape harvest time. The Douro is the place where the best Portwines are made. To my surprise,they crushed the grapes with bare feet in large bassins. They told me that crushing the grapes with bare feet is the best way to make the best Port. It can be done mechanical,but human feet gives the best taste and colour. This maybe sounds strange,but in that region it`s the traditional way to make the best Port. I was asked to join a treading,and this was a very nice barefoot activity.
Sinking thighdeep in the grapes and feel them popping between your toes…This was a great experience to do.. You have purple stained feet for weeks,but it`s a very nice barefoot activity.

More links about those activities would be great help. Thank you Sandra.

Si vous avez d’autres idées pour compléter ma liste, n’hésitez pas à me les laisser dans vos commentaires.

Feel free to suggest any other idea about barefoot activity. Your help would be appreciated.