Life without blogging

Non Bloggers are always wondering what the hell  is our motivation for expanding our inner thoughts on the net.

Whether to answer to that particular question, i prefer to take it at the bottom. And that would give:

What would my life be like without blogging?

I might say it is high time to regulate my connecting time. That is to mention that i am seriously becoming blog independant.

But am i really willing to do so? I don’t think so. I think that we get easily trapped by this internet thing, blogs, and other social communities. As for me, running a blog and reading others’ is a kindof freedom.

I love wandering about on the blogging world, like a butterfly without any limit and no regulation.

I cannot tell why. The only thing i am sure of is that there would be a big change in my life if one day, i was forced to delete my blog.

I would miss my refreshing virtual  morning journey :

– Turning the computer on before even getting to the shower.

– Typing my password before having coffee.

– Sometimes forgetting my bread in the toaster and having them roasted.

See how i behave when something starts going wrong with my blog. In these situation, i need VIP treatment to quickly solve the problem.

My blog is my virtual « baby ». Visiting all my blogs buddies, checking my blog statistics in the morning gives me a real pleasure. It is a kind of ritual between my computer and me.

Blogging frees my pen. Yes I  have always dreamed of writing and blogging confers a sort of self confidence.

I am completely, deeply and definitely a blog lover. And it would be very hard to give up now.

I can not imagine what my life would be like now without this complementary mean of communication.

Before i settle to blogging, i used to play scrabble with my husband and frankly, i was not a fan of that hobby.

I am a dreamer, a traveller, a writer and blogging help my creativity growing.

So lets keep on blogging.

What about you? Do you like blogging? How do you come to blogging?